Sunday, August 30, 2009

On To the Next Phase

Roger and I are no longer students. ODU officially awarded my degree on Friday. Tomorrow, Roger is a full time professor (Dr. Skophammer) in the Education College at ODU. I start my adjunct work at ODU tomorrow with 5 sections of Freshman Public Speaking, with 30 students in each section. That's a lot of speeches!!

It has been strange for both of us to not be students. Neither of us looked for final grades during the summer term. Since my thesis was completed, there has been no homework. Roger taught over the summer, so he had grading and emails and such, but no student homework.

We are planning our schedule for the fall semester, and it is complex. With one car to share, we must schedule travel between home and campus. Luckily, Roger got a new bike for his 50th birthday, and has room to store it in his office and the apartment, so fingers crossed, this one won't get stolen. This time in our life is exciting for us. Who knows what the possibilities hold?

Our friend Paul will be coming for a visit in October. Jarrod may be coming this weekend for the Rock and Roll Half Marathon. I'm hoping for visitors and parties and fun all around. We are even in the earliest stages of planning a Halloween party. I love not having homework!

In between school and fun, we will be training. I'm running a 10k and hoping to run a half marathon in 2 years, after I turn 40. I'm planning for the Napa to Sonoma half marathon...beautiful scenery and great wine (I can't lose)!

Well, off to find some breakfast. I think we have to schedule grocery shopping, too. Ah, I'm loving my life right now and it feels better than I could imagine.

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ewix said...

Love the new look on the blog
Yes, celebrate not being students.
We saw Grandma yesterday and brought her cookies
The only thing she enjoys nowadays is food.......