Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wicked 10K

Well, I'm all registered for the Wicked 10k. I am excited. I've begun training, mostly walking, but some running. I am enjoying it, actually. Roger thinks he will attempt running with me once he is fitted with the proper shoes. He is such a great support and partner in life!

On to even better thesis has been approved for binding and publication. Woo-hoo. Next week I'll be printing it on the fancy paper before turning it in to the Registrar for its hardcover binding. I am so happy...and very proud of myself.

That means in less than a month, I will officially have my Master of Arts degree. Yeah! And, I will be teaching two sections of freshman public speaking in the fall and three sections in the spring...I will be following my dream, my passion. And luckily, I have Roger there along with me.

Roger and I met three years ago...and those years have been magical. Roger and our life together is practically perfect.

So much excitement and so much to look forward to. I cannot wait for Halloween and my first running 10k race!

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