Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What's Going On? A Lot, Actually

Roger had interviewed for a job in upstate New York. He found out yesterday that he was not selected. Yeah, it was a bummer, but now we know.

There are very few positions available in his field in universities around the country. He has applied; many of the positions are not posted anymore. We don't know if that means they are somewhere in the middle of a candidate rich search or there is no funding and the positions have been pulled or they've chosen someone else. It is not hopeless, but we have sought a reasonable plan for at least the summer, and possibly next school year.

Roger will be teaching adjunct (part-time) for ODU the second half of the summer. We are moving all of our stuff into storage. We'll still be gone most of May and June, but will be back in July. If we are moving elsewhere, Roger will find a place to stay here for two months and we will plan and execute the move. If we are staying here for the 2009-2010 school year, we will find an apartment. It is not our favorite solution career-wise, but we don't have to leave the beach or our friends anytime soon, and that is good. We will still have loads of time with family this summer, which is also good. It works and that makes me happy.

I am enjoying the lack of unknown in our situation. It has weighed heavily on both of us and now our burdens have been lightened. Stay tuned for the next step in our lives! And for all the fun stuff I'll post, especially when we return from Hawaii!!

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