Friday, April 24, 2009

The Big Weekend

Today starts our big weekend. Roger will complete the packing today while I write. Tonight we'll organize our things. Tomorrow morning, bright and early, we will move the rest of our apartment to storage...most of it anyway. My computer and research stuff will all move with Roger and I to Pete and Jennie's tomorrow afternoon. I still have quite a bit of writing to do, and am hoping a change of scenery will be a good thing. Saturday evening, Pete, Jennie, Roger and I will go out to thank Pete and Jennie for letting us "move in" (as Jack says) for 10 days or so. Sunday, it is back to writing for me and Roger will clean the apartment. Hopefully, by Monday afternoon, we will be done with this wreck of a place and can put it all behind us. All this and almost 90 degree weather. UGH!

Next week, we will be house sitting for the Schrider's, which will give me lots of opportunities to complete my writing, which is going quite well. I am slightly disappointed that I won't have my thesis completed before graduation, but am excited that I will be done this summer. Only a couple of months over isn't too bad. I know people who take years to finish their Master's thesis...that won't be me!

Graduation is May 9th. I am walking in Roger's ceremony. I will be the only Arts and Letters graduate at that time. It is kind of fun to be different. I am so proud or Roger. I cannot wait to see him hooded as Dr. Roger Skophammer. What a day!

And then what? Hawaii!! The rest is still being worked out.

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