Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tough Weekend

Friday, I realized that I could not produce a good quality thesis by March 9th. I really believed I could plow through it all, but my writing was suffering and Avi said he would not let me defend a sub-par thesis (I don't think he used those words). I realized he was right, but I was not happy. Roger was out of town and I tried to call anyone I could think of that would be home in the middle of the day, which was basically Elise and Tiffany. Neither was available, so I watched North by Northwest, crying the whole time. Then there was water in the bathroom from the crappy plumbing issues in this old house. I called the landlady and was crying and angry. By the time Roger called me, I was close to a basket case. He told me about his day before I launched into the horrible day I'd had. He did his best to comfort me over the phone, but nothing beats a real-live hug and kiss. Saturday, I picked Roger up from the airport. We talked about stuff. We had a fun night. Sunday, I just did nothing, pretty much. It was a waste of a day, productivity was zero. Even Monday, which was a snow day, was tough. The sun came out yesterday and afte a tough morning walk with some pain and more tears, I was finally on the the path to better times. Today, the sun is out and it is like a cloud was lifted inside me as well. I see the benefits of taking longer for a better-written thesis. I have time to have a little fun now and then, possibly a movie this weekend, and time for my other homework.

I know there will always be tough days, and sometimes Roger won't be here and I'll have to deal with them myself again. I think with some time for reflection and some fun, I'll be able to conquer those crises as well. I thought now that I was grown up and married I'd be able to handle these problems easier, I guess I just keep learning and improving and getting stronger.

Today is a happy day. Sunny and cool outside, I had a beautiful walk. I realize that tough times only make the good times even better. Bring on the good times!

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