Monday, March 30, 2009

Pictures from Louisville

Outside the Louisville Performing Arts Center

Pointing the way to Indiana

Blue statues outside Jefferson Community College

Louis XVI, King of France

Toast...a great breakfast spot

Good beer, good garlic fries

Roger, me, Wendy and Nathan at the hotel lounge. It was great getting to know these and many other colleagues of Roger. It was a fun conference.

We managed to try many new places in Louisville. I had a great time exploring on my own. Roger spent most of the time networking. Most of our time together was eating. We managed to avoid chain restaurants for the most part (does Starbuck's count?) and found some fun and interesting places to eat. I look forward to going back to Louisville with Roger for some fun only. We need to tour the Louisville Slugger museum and go to a couple of Bourbon distilleries. We'll get there again, I am confident.

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