Saturday, March 21, 2009

Dinner and the Opera

We had a terrific time last night. After spending all day getting his dissertation ready for binding (and after spending close to $300 to do it!) Roger was ready to go out and celebrate. We met Dawn (Dr. Kerner) at Luna Maya for a delicious dinner with the best restaurant guacamole ever (Roger's is slightly better) and I had my favorite margarita and chorizo burrito. It was so yummy. Josh, Dawn's son, was there for a moment. He is so grown up, it kind of makes me nostalgic for when he was much younger.

We headed to the Harrison Opera House. The Barber of Seville is quite funny and the Virginia Opera Company took it over the top. I loved it. Roger liked the set and enjoyed the performance as well. Dawn thanked us for the "real treat!" All in all, a good night.

After we got home, I joked with Roger that only he would want to celebrate his PhD with a night at the opera. He reminded me that his desire for education and working toward his PhD grew out of his love of touring with the Minnesota Opera and working with kids, teaching them. His first and last opera in Minnesota was The Barber of Seville. He feels he has come full circle, finding a way to accomplish all his goals and live his dream. Lucky him. Lucky me that I can share it all with him.

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