Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sick Days

On Sunday, I didn't feel too well. I had a stomach ache and stuff. Yesterday was miserable. I spent the whole morning in bed. I did, however, finish reading The Italian for class. It is amazingly complex and good for being written in the late 1700s. By later afternoon, I was feeling better, but I had a headache. It is gone now, thankfully.

Roger has finished his rough draft of his entire dissertation. He will be working on revisions and preparing to defend it in March. He is quite happy and so am I. Now he can do some dishes and grocery shopping and stuff. I am so proud of him. His writing has gotten so strong and he has a successful way of making his arguments. I'm lucky to have him.

The weatherman said snow...I highly doubt it, but wouldn't that be nice? Just normal weekdays for us for a while. We are seeing the opera on Friday. Tosca was the first opera I've ever seen and Roger has never seen it, which is amazing since he worked for the Minnesota Opera and has seen many, many productions over the years. I am looking forward to sharing this with him. We enjoy sharing experiences and our time. I love married life.

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Elizabeth said...

Gad you are feeling better!