Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Opera and Other Stuff

Roger and I really enjoyed Tosca last night. It is a straight-forward tragedy of love. It reminded me of the 18th century novel I read last week by Ann Radcliffe, The Italian. I saw an old classmate and we had a nice chat. The only negative was midway through the final act, a woman barfed her way out to the hallway. Luckily it didn't stink, but it did distract me for a couple of minutes. I believe too much alcohol on a fairly empty stomach. But the deaths were tremendous and the music was good. Roger picked apart the sets as always (hazard of his previous occupation with the Minnesota Opera and theaters). We ended the night with some pizza and discussion.

It was quite celebratory as Roger has completed his dissertation, is making one last final revision today, and will hand in the finished product to defend in early March. He is almost Dr. Skophammer (I like the sound of that!). He is making progress on the hunt for a job, too.

I am slugging through my thesis and wishing it were baseball season. I love baseball. But, my thesis is on track and I should, fingers crossed, be done with my first draft by the end of next week. After feedback and revision, I will hand my finished document to my committee for my defense. I can't wait until it is over!

Otherwise, the weather continues to confound us on almost a daily basis. It was 20 a couple of days ago and should be in the upper 60s today. Crazy weather! Our friend, Pete, is brewing some beer, so Roger may go over and lend a hand...or just drink some beer, whatever.

Next Saturday, we are headed to Washington D.C. to have dinner with my dad, who will be, among other activities, a guest of the State Department. Cool! I am looking forward to seeing Dad in will be fun.

I better get to work. Happy Saturday!

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