Saturday, February 28, 2009

Gloomy Happy Day

It looks quite gloomy outside. I think the sun has been covered by clouds. Roger flies home in a few hours. I am happy for that. I just don't sleep well when he is not here. I've had to deal with the landlady alone while Roger is away. Water leaked into the bathroom through the fan/light fixture, again. I called Polly, who then put me in contact with a guy named Sprewal. Well, Sprewal assures me it is just the guys upstairs forgetting to use a shower curtain. I talked to the guy who showered yesterday, he was quite adament that he used the curtain, the floor was dry. Sprewal said that it must be laziness from upstairs. I'm quite sick of this place. Two months and we are gone. And I have to say, if we don't get our full deposit back, Polly will have a big problem on her hand, me!

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