Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Trip

We got home last night. Our drive had been uneventful, until three hours from home, when Roger noticed one of our tires was having a problem. Rather than worry about it, we stopped in Charlottesville, Virginia and got two brand new tires. After that we zoomed home and had the car unloaded by 10 p.m. Not bad. I am glad to be home. As for the trip itself. It was fantastic, but a little long. Here is a list of some things we did in no particular order--except number 1 was the most important, after that it doesn't really matter.

Met and cuddled with baby Owen many, many times (although never enough)!!
Saw Nikki receive her Bachelor's Degree from Metro State on a snowy day in the cities.
Hung out with Mom, Dad, Nikki and Nikki's friends at a fun Italian restaurant in Dinkytown.
Shopped: With Mom and Elise, With Roger, With Mom, Nikki and Roger, with Cassie...
Cooked: Fajitas at Gwen's, Ham and Scalloped Potatoes at Trish's, Sloppy Joe's at Dawn's.
Visited with Roger 1 several times.
Met up with Paul a couple of times (sadly the Vikings made the playoffs, but I guess it was a nice gift to him).
Met Roger's childhood friend, Jim, for dinner and thought he was great.
Drove to Rochester to visit a very pregnant Ginger (my friend from high school) and caught up on old times and old friends.
Had lunch with Roger's old students from Owatonna. They are a hoot.
Watched not-so-holiday flicks with Patsy, racism and death and dying are not holiday themes.
Had coffee with everyone.
Took Mike, Elise, Cassie and Owen to Mickey's Diner for breakfast.
Opened least 5 times.
Decorated the tree in Minot.
Made and ate lefsa...Oh, YUMMY!!
Went curling on Christmas Day.
Introduced Roger to my step-grandma, Olga.
Read and relaxed.
Went to Jon and Mary's for boozy fudge.
Babysat Owen and Cassie.
Shopped some more.
Ate a lot.
Drove a lot.

And finally, before leaving we had a HUGE Skophammer Sliding/Sledding Party on New Year's Day. My sister brought some kids and we sledded for a couple hours, had spaghetti at Gwen's and just reveled in family and holiday and joy!

Happy New Year!

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Tiffany and Jarrod said...

welcome home! i'm so glad you had such a great (and safe!) trip!

miss you guys!