Friday, January 9, 2009

Road Construction

I think the City of Norfolk is crazy! There seems to be construction on every major (and minor) route to everything in Norfolk right now. Are they afraid if they don't do it all today, the money will vanish? It is a terrible thing to be driving around Norfolk right now. I am hoping that once we finish these errands today, we only have to go to the grocery store and school for a while. I might have to get a new bus pass for groceries! I hate driving to begin with and it is almost impossible right now. UGH NORFOLK!!

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Jessica said...

I used to love driving ... and now that I spend a minimum of 10 hours in my car a week and almost all on highways, I don't find it so fun any more. I am, however, grateful to have a job and good radio stations to keep me at least mildly entertained! Hope the orange cones disappear soon!