Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Holiday Pictures

Cassie and her buckwheat pancakes. She chose them because she likes to choose new things. The cook made her a special Mickey Mouse shaped pancake for later. We ended the breakfast sharing a rootbeer float.

Thanks to Andrew's Dad (Patsy's boyfriend) we had great seats to the Wild/Sharks game on New Year's Eve. The Wild won in sudden death overtime. What a fun game.
Walking back up the hill after sliding down.

Cassie is ready to sled!

The two biggest kids on the hill, Al(Roger 2) and his sister Gwen. They went all out for the fun day.

I would have liked to take more pictures, but I had some problems with my camera. I'm hoping it was cheap batteries from Cabella's and not the need for a new camera.


Tiffany and Jarrod said...

Your camera was actually having a severe reaction to the cold...it was saying get me the hell outta here!!! =)

Anonymous said...

Is Cassie at Mickey's??? What else could a girl want for the holidays?