Thursday, January 29, 2009

Finally, The Movie...and Prepackaged Lives

We finally saw the movie, Slumdog Millionaire. It was cleverly written, shot and edited to capture the essence and feeling of the novel. Roger and I both read the book and also enjoyed the film. Neither of us were disappointed in the changes made from the original stories in the novel to the ones portrayed on film. And, if you wait through some of the credits, you'll see a true Bollywood scene! It is nice to go to the movies on a weekday...less crowds.

I was just looking at the Huffington Post and found the website for the recalled peanut butter products...there are 31 pages of them. Luckily, the only possibilities for Roger and I were some Larabars and some Luna Bars, and all of the ones we have are safe. Most of the products are prepackaged granola bars, cookies, crackers and such. Some are from Trader Joe's, so I did check our products from there, but we rarely by premade items. I am lucky to have the time and talent to cook most of our meals from scratch. We have very few premade soups (3, I think) and hardly anything in a box...there is too much danger for gluten and MSG to be hiding, so rather than read the 400 ingredients, I skip it. I have been reading Mark Bittman's book Food Matters, and his advice is to never buy anything from the store with over 5 ingredients, and all ingredients should be recognizable. We have a couple of frozen dinner backups that don't fit that, but most of our food does. Food allergies have forced us to really ponder the foods we buy. It is a constantly changing process that we evaluate all the time. We are looking to drastically cut our meat consumption, that will be quite a change. I love the aura around food and cooking and providing for Roger and I. I feel a part of long kinship with women, as they have been doing this for centuries.

I enjoy living outside the package with Roger. It is nice to be individuals together rather than a couple that follow the pack.

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