Friday, December 5, 2008

I Am Awake Way Too Early

I just saw a picture of my friend Tiff from Thanksgiving. Her hair looks great. I haven't seen Tiff in person for a year and a half, which makes me sad. Before she moved to Georgia, she and I became good friends. We've kept up after she moved away, but it's not the same. I miss her terribly. I would love to head over and wrap presents and decorate and play with her kitties, and with Jarrod's new nerf gun thing. Sometimes, I just miss those precious things that are not as readily available to me.

Maybe it is because Roger is away for a couple of nights in Baltimore that I am nostalgic. Who knows?

I am looking forward to seeing some friends from high school while we are in Minot for Christmas. I am kind of surprised at who I am still friends with. Jeannie Pfenning and I were not really friends in high school. She and I were both good friends of Jane Holand, but didn't really connect with each other. Through Facebook, we have become friends in our own right. It is funny how that works sometimes. I am looking forward to catching up in person with her and my good friend Jamie Houston. They are both married and have kids. I'm inviting a few others over to see. It is just a fun time to reconnect.

I'm trying to get together with friends here before we leave, but it is quite difficult. This time of year is so busy for everyone, throw in exams and papers, and I'm booked. I've got lunch with friends from school and coffee with Juliet planned for next week. I'm sure there'll be other events here and there. If not, there's always next semester. Since we are most likely moving in May, I want to spend time with my friends before then. I have made some friendships here that will definitely travel to whereever we land next year. I know I will always be welcomed by so many when we return to Virginia.

While I would love to keep reminiscing, I better get my work done so I pass this semester and can go on!

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