Friday, December 12, 2008


I've finished my homework. I handed in my second huge paper this morning. I am relieved to be done. It took much longer to do the papers than normal because of my shoulder. It still hurts some, but ice, Aleve and rest mixed in with the writing has helped. Yeah! I survived the semester, as a student. In two hours I give my final exam to my class. I hate finals, but the department requires it, so I do it. I made it pretty easy.

I'm still kind of hyped up about finishing school and am not able to relax yet. Maybe when we hit the road for Minnesota...or when we get there. I am so very excited to get there and see everyone. I love my family, and Roger's family too. We have fun and they are so easy to get along with, which is nice. I am quite fortunate.

Last night we cleaned out the fridge with Jennie, Pete and Jack. They came over for dinner and Jennie made a delicious flourless chocolate mousse cake...YUMMMMMMMMMYYYY!!! We loved it. And we loved spending time with the Schrider's as always.

So, we aren't in Minnesota yet, but we are getting closer. I can't wait to post pictures of the family!

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