Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Post-Election Bliss

Ah, Obama is the President Elect. I have been waiting to say that for almost four years. I was skeptical that the people of this country would elect and African-American as the President, and oh so happy they did. Virginia's election outcomes could not have made me happier. It was clear for a long time that Mark Warner would win the Senate race. But, Thelma Drake lost her bid for the House of Representatives to Glen Nye, that was a pleasant shocker! They weren't in my district, but Thelma Drake has been one of those painful embarassments to Virginia.

So, as I awoke today, I double checked the results (I was still a little worried). Last night, I actually cried with tears of overwhelming joy of the Presidential outcome. I was impressed with McCain's eloquent speech and thrilled with Obama's victory speech (well, most of it, I fell asleep before the end). Yeah Democrats! Yeah America!


Elizabeth said...

We are all thrilled here in New York too.....!

Anonymous said...

And Here in North Dakota, even if the entire state didn't go blue, the race was much closer than expected.

Once again I am proud to be an American Citizen.