Monday, November 3, 2008

More Great News

While I hate to move the pictures of the beautiful boy down the blog, I have more great news. My very good friend Melanie got engaged to Tony this weekend. I cannot wait for that wedding. We will go (hopefully it won't be in Germany). I am so excited for her and for them. They are great people and will be extremely happy married! Yeah, great news!

We had a good and productive weekend. Friday night we headed to Dawn and Josh's for Indian food and a movie. Josh wore a cool Indiana Jones costume he fashioned out of his collection of WWII paraphernalia. If only he had the whip! His neighbor friend Milosh was there. He's a nice and quite smart kid. His mom is a new faculty member in Roger's department...small world. We watched Beetlejuice, which moves kind of slow for today's standards, but still has some very fun moments.

The rest of the weekend we worked. Both of us got some needed things done around the house and schoolwork wise. Roger is close to being ready to propose his dissertation. He writes an average of 15 pages a day, but most of that falls on the weekend days. He is driven to get this work done. And today he is applying for his first job as a professor. There will be more on the job search as it ramps up in the next few months.

So, we are ready for a good week; ready to be productive. Happy Monday to all.

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