Friday, November 28, 2008

Feeling Even More Thankful

I awoke this morning feeling even more thankful than I did yesterday. Today, I don't have to cook a turkey dinner (although, it was quite yummy if I do say so myself). I am NOT shopping on Black Friday. I have a date tonight with my husband to see Four Christmases. I got to see my favorite seven and a half year old boy last night and watched A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving with Jack snuggled up against me. We had some laughs with Pete and Jennie. Tomcat loves when we come to visit, and I look forward to feeling oh so loved by him again today. My headache from last night is gone. Tomorrow we are spending the day with Jack and Jennie. Sunday, we are decorating the house for Christmas. Monday starts the last day of classes this semester. I spoke with family and Tiffany yesterday. Roger spoke with his family yesterday. Everyone is healthy and having a good time. I am writing my students' final exam today...I won't be too tough on them. And I awoke in the arms of the man I am so deeply in love with; I am thankful every day that Roger is a part of my life. I've learned to be grateful all the time for what I have, edit out those things that take away from my happiness, and just enjoy the life I lead.

I hope everyone is thankful for their happiness every day!

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