Friday, November 7, 2008

Back to Life

Grandma Schmid

Election day was special for a couple of reasons. It was my Grandma's birthday. Here she is a couple years ago. I tried to call her, but she did not answer. Hopefully, she was partying all night!

My great niece and great nephew, Laura and Nathan, had birthdays the past couple of weeks. I had a great time getting to know them this summer in North Carolina. I hope they had happy birthdays. I look forward to seeing them in a few weeks.

Elise and Owen are home and bonding. Mike went back to work yesterday. Cassie had a couple of days out of school to help out at home. Elise sounds exhausted. Hopefully in a couple of weeks they'll get better sleep and have more energy. I really can't wait to see them!

Mom and Dad are home from work today due to snow. It sounds lovely to stay home and watch the snow. Not lovely to have to shovel and get around after the snowfall, that's for sure.

School has been more challenging than usual. I'm getting things done. I have a lunch meeting today to discuss the panel that Emily, Leanna and I are offering on strategies for women in asserting herself in academia. It should be interesting and very good for my CV (resume). It's just one more reason I love the world of academia. Makes me want that PhD even more.

Roger is finishing up his prospectus for his dissertation. He's applied to a job. Life moves forward.

Sad news. My good friend Jane from high school lost her grandmother last week. She was able to get to North Dakota from New Jersey to say goodbye. The summer after I graduated high school, I stayed with Jane's Grandma for a weekend. I ran into her (and Jane's other Grandma) a few more times at graduations and weddings. I am sad for Jane and the rest of the Holand's. It makes me want to visit my grandma even more. Maybe this coming summer we'll make it to New York. I hope so. I'd like Roger to meet her before it is too late. Life is short. We must make every minute count. That's how I try to live my life. I don't count down to the next great event, I enjoy each day as if there could be no more. Although, I really cannot wait to hold baby Owen...soon!

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Anonymous said...

Shovel!!!!!! I was thinking I liked shoveling snow until this 6-8inches. I had forgotten how heavey wet snow is. So I shoveled twice. Once when I got home from school, early, and today from 6 to 10 off and on.
I still enjoy being outside. I still do not throw it into the street, like our neighbor across the street, and I still hate snow blowers. Dopey can now blow the snow into the street because he bought one.
I think I will borrow Jon's snow blower just once. Then, late at night, I will blow all the snow from the street onto the driveway across the street! Ha!
Grandma is fine. We sent her some cookies and treats. I spoke to her on Tuesday. She is a little hesitant about her age, so I guess she is 39 ... for the 48th time. She called last night because her gift arrived. Let the phone ring. She is takes a few minutes to realize it is not on TV, then she has to find the phone.
I am proud of myself. I didn't know if shoveling was with one l or two. My dictionary says either. I'm learning.