Monday, August 4, 2008

The Weekend

Some weekends are just great. This past weekend was one of those great ones. After a fun dinner and concert Friday night (See Crosby, Stills and Nash), Saturday, Roger and I slept in a little. We hung out in the morning. I had a focus group and left at about 1:15. Maggie, Megan and I set everything up for the focus group. And waited. And waited. Finally, 40 minutes after the meeting was set to start, nobody had shown up. We packed everything up and went home. I feel bad for Maggie. Hopefully, when school starts more parents will show up. So, while sad for Maggie, I had a couple of free hours, which I spent watching mindless TV (mostly HGTV). We packed up our picnic and headed for ODU at 5. Jennie, Pete and Jack, along with their friends, Jeff, Danielle, Jackson and Miles met us for a picnic while listening to some Reggae. Dawn showed up and we had a great time listening to the music. The shade left us a little more comfortable than in the hot sun. The music was nice, the food was good, the company was great. After the concert, Dawn headed home on her bike. Jack, Jennie and Pete came over for some yummy rum drinks (no rum for Jack!) and a few rounds of Rock Band. We had a great time. Of course, Jack rocked us out. Kids pick up those games so fast. Jennie and Pete enjoyed the game as well. I figure they will have one by Christmas (Roger thinks even sooner). Sunday, we headed for the beach in the Outer Banks with the Schriders again. Roger and Pete did some fishing, catching a lot of seagrass and nothing else. We all played in the waves and enjoyed the shade of Pete's canopy. We had fun and relaxed. We hit the showers and changed into real clothes for an early dinner at the Outer Banks Brewing Station. We had good beer, good food and were all sunburned and relaxed. The Schriders headed home. Roger and I headed north to check out the house and area we will be inhabiting in 5 days. It looked so inviting. We got some ice cream and walked around the mall area about a half mile from the house. We realized just how excited we are for the vacation. The ride home was nice. We finalized some plans for next week with Gwen. We got home, showered again and fell fast asleep. We both woke up ready for the week, although more pink than we thought we would be. Some weekends should go on forever, this past one was one of those. I hope everyone had a great weekend, too.

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