Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Convention

We have been watching parts of the Democratic National Convention. I was particularly interested in seeing Mark Warner last night. And, he was terrific. I was impressed by his straightforwardness in his speech. He stated the issues and the platform for the Democrats in such a way as not to sound preachy. He sounded intelligent, but did not speak over the top of the average listener's head. Wow. My favorite line was something like, "We borrow money from China to buy oil from countries that don't like us very much." I was impressed.

We decided to watch Hillary as well. However, before she was introduced, the governor from Montana spoke and I liked him. He was energetic (to say the least) and funny. He delivered zingers and made a whole lot of sense. His focus was on the alternative energy policies that McCain continuously voted against. I like the governor from Montana quite a bit.

And, Hillary. Wow! She blew me away. She delivered the perfect speech for her and the party's situation. I was struck by the humbleness she showed. She wanted to be the nominee, and she worked hard toward that goal. But her speech squashed any doubt of her support for Obama. She is campaigning for Obama. She was also quite clear that her supporters would be making a mistake if they did not vote for Obama, whether they sit on the sidelines and not vote or make the bigger mistake in voting for McCain.

Overall, I was impressed by the speakers last night. I look forward to Bill Clinton tonight. Of course I am biased as I am a Democrat. Too bad if you don't like that!

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