Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Anniversary of the Wedding and Shopping

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of our wedding. We reminisced about the fun we had splashing in the puddles at the Japanese Gardens while waiting to direct people to Gwen's house. On August 18th it felt like 50 degrees in pouring down rain. We had the light and fun ceremony in Gwen's kitchen and laughed and cried (a little, for joy). We had the taco/nacho bar and beer and wine and had the best time catching up with family and a few friends. It was terrific. We are as in love today as we were then, maybe more. I can't imagine one day without Roger in my life, and luckily I don't have to even think about it. Roger is special and loving and kind and calm, which is perfect for me. We fit together perfectly.

So, you may ask how did we spend that anniversary...shopping. We both need new teaching clothes, so we spent a few hours at the Chesapeake Square Mall...we both detest shopping. I think I will finish mine up with a trip to a couple of shops and then online. Roger is done. He crossed off everything on his list. It is easy for him. We ended up having dinner at Red Robin, and as always the food was good and the service was great. I said to Roger we have lots of anniversaries that we celebrate. He said, we celebrate a lot. And I said, because there is so much joy in our lives. He agreed. I love him.


Dellits said...


I am SO behind this week -- what's new right??!!

Glad you were able to spend it together ..sometimes just that is enough :)

Elizabeth said...

Happy Anniversary!
Well, shopping is the American way to go.
So glad you are so happy.
We saw Grandma yesterday and she was pretty good.
lots of love