Sunday, May 18, 2008

NCAA Division III Softball Tournament

We headed to Salem, Virginia (near Roanoke, not Lynchburg as I originally thought) Friday afternoon for the tournament. We hurried on the interstates and arrived in the 4th inning of Betsy's first game. In fact, we arrived just as she was up to bat. They won the first game 8-0, ending the game early with the mercy rule. I found some of the rules and traditions of fastpitch softball are different from baseball. It was fun to learn the game and see the girls enjoying their games.
Bets, number 21, plays left field.
She got hit with the ball, but was accused of leaning in so she didn't get her base. They won the second game on Saturday night 5-1. All other games were 2-1, 2-0, or 1-0. The Bluegolds (Betsy's team) outscored the rest of the tournament in the first two rounds.
After game hugs. Betsy and her dad, Jerry.
Auntie Kate, Betsy and Uncle after the game.

We met up with Betsy this morning before breakfast with Jerry and the drive back. It was terrific seeing them this weekend. I am so happy that we took the trip.

We drove the scenic route back and it was gorgeous. We had a lovely trip and are now ready to get to work. After we watch Betsy's game on the internet tonight! Go Bluegolds!!

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Dellits said...

AWESOME! She plays a GREAT position and the ice on the shoulder is all to familiar!