Wednesday, May 14, 2008

High School Friends

I poached some pictures from Face Book
This is Jane, my best friend from high school with her son and one of her daughters. She lives in Brick, NJ on the is beautiful!
This is John, my other best friend from high school and his daughter, the princess. John came to my wedding in august in style, wearing a Led Zepplin T-Shirt. He and Roger get along well (imagine that!). John lives in Fargo.
This is Krissy Goldschmidt. She graduated with my sister. These are her kids, she is far to young for children that old. Her brother will be moving to Norfolk with the Navy this summer. I look forward to seeing him again, he graduated with John and Jane. Krissy lives in Rochester, MN.
These are the Netts. David (back right) was my prom date...ah! They are a fun grown up. David lives in Los Angeles.
This is Wanda and her husband, Jeremy and thier son. Wanda graduated with me. She and I were good friends from the time I pretended I found a lost cat while she was babysitting. She lives in Portland, Oregon. I miss her.

It is fun to be on FaceBook and reconnect with old friends. There are others, but not very many pictures, so I didn't include them.


Elizabeth said...

It's so good to keep in touch with old chums.
I know some people from 50 years ago - imagine that!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I know these people. But weren't they younger? Good thing I haven't changed ... much.

JaneV said...

Great blog Kate! It's nice to reminisce!