Monday, March 3, 2008

Melissa Etheridge

I was just listening to some older songs on Itunes. I have many songs by Melissa Etheridge, but today, one in particular affected me. The song "I want to be in love" came on and I really listened to the words. When I heard it several years ago, even when I saw her sing it in concert, I didn't really understand. She wants someone to be completely and totally in love with her. I guess I was never sure it would happen, I hadn't even been close before, and I didn't even realize I wanted it. Well, here it is several years later, and I have it. I am in love. Roger is in love with me and every word in that song is true. Here is a link to the video (which doesn't seem too relevant, but that is how I can share it).

I Want to Be in Love, by Melissa Etheridge

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