Saturday, March 1, 2008

Happiness Is...

A life with the man I love. Even in a little apartment. I have lived in bigger houses and felt extremely lonely. I am thankful every time I wake up with Roger (even from a stolen afternoon nap) that I don't live alone.

A beautiful, sunny, 60 degree day in early March.

Shopping for Easter presents for a granddaughter, whom I just love.

Cooking seafood for dinner (tonight!).

Good friends who stand by you through everything, even when life is tough (Thank You).

Eliminating everything that is unnecessary or unwelcome in the home. Good riddance to lots of stuff.

Pierce's Pitt Barbeque in Williamsburg (had lunch there today!). Yummmmm.

A loving family, in North Dakota, Minnesota, New York and of course in Virginia.

Josh's hugs because even though he is 14 and a half, he still loves me and wants to show me.

Living a life with few regrets and with nothing but openness for the future ahead.

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