Saturday, June 30, 2007

Theft, Blazing Saddles, Birthdays and More

Roger's bike was stolen, again! We went away for less than an hour, returned to find no bike and two of the rails around the porch out of place. They really wanted that bike. After some not so kind words, we had to go to our landlady's house to sign the lease. Upon telling her about the theft, she gave Roger an old mountain bike to get to and from school. I doubt anyone will want to steal it, but then you never know. My bike is safely in the kitchen, where I guess it will stay for now.

So, how did we recover from the anger of the theft? Gin and tonics and Blazing Saddles. Yes, I finally saw Blazing Saddles. It was funny. Although, I am more from the Spaceballs genereration and haven't seen enough Westerns to get it all, I enjoyed the humor. Mel Brooks is sheer genius. I now want to watch Spaceballs and Young Frankenstein again.

In my Women Writers class we read Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. It was much different from the popular myth of the monster. Dr. Heller told a joke from the Mel Brooks' film and I am the only one who laughed...and I am not the oldest in the class. Very sad, nobody had seen Young Frankenstein. Everybody is truly funny.

So many birthdays are coming and going and I am barely keeping up. If you have had or are having a birthday soon, Happy Birthday. I am trying to remember to at least e-mail something, but am missing a bit. Cards and presents are a joke this year. Please know that I sincerely wish you happiness everyday.

It takes some getting used to that life gets in the way of stuff. Between work and school, I feel like all I have time to do is homework (well, and watching stupid movies sometimes). I hope that I am not neglecting my duties as friend or family member. If so, I apologize. This fall when I work at school, I am hoping for a little more time to foster my relationships with all of you. Just hang in there with me!

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