Monday, March 5, 2007

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My biggest news is my new marriage to Roger. We met 7 months ago at a local bar, O'Sullivans. It was fate I believe. Roger says it is several coincidences, but I think even he realizes we were meant to be together. I grew up in a small town in North Dakota (Burlington), he grew up in the Twin Cities in Minnesota (Bloomington). Our first date was to see The Dark Side of Oz at the local arthouse theater. The Wizard of Oz to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon is okay for a while, then a little boring. We spent the first few months dating, going to movies, the art museum and talking, talking and talking. About everything. We clicked. By two months of dating, we decided to be exclusive and everything happened quickly after that. We drove back from Minneapolis after the Christmas holiday. We spent New Year's Eve in Louisville, Kentucky. At the stroke of midnight, Roger asked me to marry him. My reaction--I said, "You're not asking me now!" He said he was and I said "Of course I will marry you!" I called my parents the next morning and then we shared the news with our families. We got nothing but positive feedback which was wonderful. For 6 weeks we discussed when to get married and decided to have a ceremony with our families August 18th in Bloomington, Minnesota. However, we couldn't wait that long to be married. On February 21st, we went to the Justice of the Peace and legally married. Friends Andrea and Doug were there to witness the marriage. It was quite a fun day with lots of laughs. We had dinner at my favorite local restaurant, Luna Maya, that night. So, here I am married for almost 2 weeks. I love being married. I love my husband. Roger is the most giving and caring man. He is affectionate and strong. He is smart and talented. He is extremely special and I feel fortunate to be married to him every day. Challenges arise all the time, but he talks to me and we work it all out. I am deeply and dearly in love with him and look forward to every day with him. I hope everyone finds this kind of relationship and know this kind of happiness.

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